Online blackjack is a card-based game that involves play between a player and a dealer. The game requires that you get a hand that is better than that of the dealer. To learn more about playing online casino blackjack, you can check out southafricaonlinecasino

How to play blackjack

The gameplay of blackjack is quite simple. First, you get two face-down cards given to you by the dealer. After this, you are required to take actions to beat the dealer. YOu can hit if you feel your hand is weak. Other actions include

  • Stand
  • Double down

When you hit, you are given an extra card to play with. There is no limit to the number of times you can hit. However, when you go over 21, you lose the round and the dealer wins regardless of the hand the dealer has


Online blackjack rule

Online blackjack only has quite a few rules and you can easily learn this in just few minutes of playing. The first is that you must not go over 21 or you lose the round. Also, you must have a hand that is higher than the dealer

In most cases, the dealer is expected to stand on hard 17. This information is mostly shown on the surface of the blackjack table. Also, players do not play against one another. So, even if another player gets a hand higher than yours you could still win.

Online blackjack strategy

There are different strategies you can start implementing to win at blackjack games. The first is to try to stay below 22 at much as possible. This is the reason it is advised to stand when you have a hard 18 or more.

Also, when you get a pair of ace, you should split the cards into two hands. This way, you can get a better chance at hitting a win than when you play with two hands. Other strategies that you can employ to win includes:

  • You should split every pair of 8s
  • Also, you should double on pair of 10s

Variants of Blackjack.

There are different variants of blackjack you will come across online. Each of these variants has its own specific rules, however, they all share the same basic rules. One of these is the Double attack blackjack. This gives you the opportunity to double your bet during the game.

Another variant is the Double exposure blackjack. In this variant, the dealer receives two face-up cards allowing the players to see the hand of the dealer. However, blackjack only pays even instead of 3 to 2. Also, the player loses on a tie

  • Other variants include
  • Blackjack Switch,
  • Spanish 21

Final thoughts on Blackjack

Online blackjack is an amazing online game that you can enjoy while sitting at home. The game has a simple gameplay that even a new player can easily grasp. To start playing online blackjack, you need to find an online casino that you can register with.

Be sure to register at a reputable online casino. You can try out the demo version of any of the blackjack variant you find on the online casino to learn the gameplay. When you are confident enough, you can go ahead to bet with real money